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Incredible Digestive Aid Perfect for the Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving just a few days away and all its wonderful flavors and fancy feasts, our digestive systems could sure use a boost. Bitters are great digestive aids, perfect for the holiday season. Traditionally bitter foods were part of our meals. However, over time, that has changed, and we no longer have them as part of our everyday rituals.

What makes bitters so effective in aiding digestion is exactly their bitter taste, which activates the liver and digestive juices in order to make our bodies ready to process the food and assist in the absorption of nutrients.

Today the most common form of bitters are tinctures, making it very easy for us to always have them on the go. For best results, follow the dosage recommendations on the specific bitter and take in 30 minutes before eating.

At William’s, we carry a variety of digestive bitters to help you through the season’s feasts.

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